Ondo State Don Send Back Almajiris Wey Come From Sokoto State

My country pipu dem don send back plenty number of Almajiris wey enter Ondo State on Monday May 4 from Sokoto State.

De Almajiris wey bin dey 25 of dem bin waka through bush part after dem enter de state to beat de blockades by security officials wey de enforce de lockdown directives, before dem enter de truck wey dem bin de travel wit for highway.

De state Police tok tok person Tee Leo-Ikoro tok say dem bin carry de Almajiris comot from de state after security operatives catch dem. Him say dem bin enter de state through Kogi State wey de share boundaries wit Ondo state.


“Dis afternoon we carry dem back go de boundary between Ondo and Kogi bcos dem tok say na dey dem pass come through one village for Kogi.

Na it we carry dem back go de boundary tell dem make dem go back to Sokoto. We put dem for de truck wey dem come wit”.


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